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AGE Recycler

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the AGE Recycler from OTG Glass Blowers is one of my favorite rigs. Let me tell you why.

The design on this rig is brilliant:

  • The base serves as a large water resevoir, nixing the problem of other similar-sized rigs not having enough thermal intertia to counter the 400+ degree smoke coming from your favorite herbs or concentrates.
  • 'Recycler' is absolutely the correct name for this design; as you draw, water (along with your smoke) comes up from the large horizontal disc shredder/perc, entering the top of the vortex, under the splash guard. This design shreds your smoke into cool water, and the design of the vortex along with another splash-guard makes it so smoke goes up and water goes down, 'recycling' back down into the resevoir base on the other side from your shredder/perc disc. This makes sure that even on huge rips you're getting fresh cool water shredding your smoke, heads and shoulders above most basic rigs.
  • The weight is surprisingly light, coming in at 322g (0.7lbs) totally empty. The glass is approximately 2mm throughout the entire rig, staying even and solid even on tight turns, which is a huge credit to OTG's glass blowing skills.
  • Filling and cleaning this rig is incredibly easy. Alcohol and salt, along with firm (CAREFUL!) shaking with your thumbs covering the joint and the mouthpiece will have it sparkling like the day you got it.
  • The water-level I've found to work best is between the bottom and top of the OTG logo on the shredder disc, with personal preference determining exactly high full you go.
  • Word of caution, this rig won't work with ash catchers or other add-ons between the rig and the bowl; unless you mount this rig on a base, it'll over-balance and tip.
  • The light system is easy to use and actually pretty cool, but it's dim enough that you'll get the best mileage out of a dim room (Think watching a movie with your homies on the couch). When you clean this rig, MAKE SURE you open the battery compartment for the light and remove the batteries first! Make sure the same comptartment is totally dry when you're done.
  • The included glass magnetic poking device is more of a concentrate poking device, and I'll be totally honest when I say mine is sitting on a shelf because I don't trust myself not to break it. I personally use the magnet on the rig as a lighter-holder.

So that's the AGE Recycler by OTG Glass Blowers. I love this rig and you probably will too :)